My First Time Getting Lost
Episode 7
Season 1 Episode 7
Episode Information
Kanji はじめての迷子
Rōmaji Hajimete no Maigo
Air date April 27, 2013
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My First Time Getting Lost is the 7th episode of Red Data Girl.


Sagara starts to fight some ghosts that appeared from the bushes. His only concern is Izumiko's safety and asks Mayura to stop this game, but Mayura says that she will protect her. Because Izumiko got really scared, she immediately tells Sagara about Masumi who's all this time beside him as Manatsu. When said it, the surroundings suddenly return to normal but Izumiko gets left in the layer of Togakushi where the fight happened and feels lost and alone. When they notice it, they immediately looks for her. Back in the layer, Masumi talks to her and tells her that she got left and say he will lead her back to her friends. On the way back, Manatsu gets a call telling him that Tabi (their first horse) is sick and he needs to get there as soon as possible as the owner. After spending days alone Manatsu has yet to come back, they get worried and Izumiko and Sagara to go see what is happening. They find out that Tabi has died and Manatsu is extremely depressed about it. The truck they passed coming to the ranch was the carrying Tabi's body from the farm, He had died that day.

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