My First Slumber Party
Episode 6
Season 1 Episode 6
Episode Information
Kanji はじめてのお泊り
Rōmaji Hajimete no Otomari
Air date April 20, 2013
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My First Slumber Party is the 6th episode of Red Data Girl.


The train ride to Souda-ke becomes the backdrop against which Izumiko learns more about Mayura's collaborative prologue with Manatsu and is explained the syllabus of the student council camp retreat. Professor Souda becomes an admirer once he learns of Miyuki's yamabushi tutelage and experiences at Houjou Academy during a vespertine social engagement; upon recovering herself from being inebriated as she computes Manatsu's insight about the Souda Mayura Fan club, Izumiko's engagement with Masumi makes it clear that Tokakusi Mountain is an important destination. Upon arriving at the mountain, Mayura finds herself in an adversarial divergent concourse with Rena Akinokawa and Jean Honoka Kisaragi; after the student council meeting, Mayura explains Izumiko the complexity of Houjou Academy political and social mechanics. Galvanized by her hatred of onmyouji -- especially Ichijou Takayanagi whose recent operation was so easily nullified, Mayura Souda's ultimate goal is to become a World Heritage candidate -- a prestigious status that affords many benefits; in spite of his attempts to temper her expectations of him, Miyuki soon finds that Mayura has prepared a field test for him and is not taking no for answer!

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