My First Makeup
Episode 5
Season 1 Episode 5
Episode Information
Kanji はじめてのお化粧
Rōmaji Hajimete no Okeshō
Air date April 13, 2013
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My First Makeup is the 5th episode of Red Data Girl.


Once summoned to view the damage wrought unto Mayura from Ichijou's booby trap, Masumi is not slow in absorbing the spirits that has been coerced into the teen onmyouji's service after having quickly made short work of him; the next morning, Izumiko and Miyuki compare notes about the Souda triplets. Miyuki mirrors Izumiko's elation at having friends with specialized capabilities but is concerned about Mayura's possible ulterior motives and the turbulence endemic to Mayura capitalizing upon her perspective of him as a weakling to be exploited at will -- an admonishment to Izumiko against confessing the goddess the fruit of this; as has been previously demonstrated the case, Miyuki's father Yukimasa arrives with the news of his employment as a teacher at the school which angers Miyuki to where he lashes out at Izumiko. Miyuki's inability to constructively cope with Yukimasa capitalizing upon that which he hates about himself ignites a circus where Izumiko wanders to a building where an awkward request by the former student council president Hodaka Murakami ultimately provides the requisite critical mass for Izumiko to loudly object the testostrone tempest brewing in her presence by castigating Mikyuki's destructive criticism of her as tattling to Yukimasa; upon The Goddess making it clear that Izumiko's volition is all that counts, the home commute is much calmer as Miyuki tells Izumiko to not expect a lot from him with an air of humilty promising to do what he can.

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